“NEVER CLASH” Couture Meets Street Style

“NEVER CLASH” Couture Meets Street Style

The house of Zekaryas Solomon is bringing you a fresh take on the Never Clash Collection. By combining street style with a tailored vestige, a distinctive clang rings out! Through a funnel directed at bringing our customers closer to our outlook on fashion, we indulged in a brand new venture. Although our passion is offering bespoke garments we are dedicated to understanding what our customers are all about.


Through this looking glass arose the notion of marrying street style with our luxury offerings. By doing so, we took on a project directed at showing how people can mix and match clothes they have in their current wardrobe without compromising on style.


We employed the support of superb models from Frame Perfect Modelling(http://www.frameperfect.co.uk/) agency and Felipe Photography (http://www.felipephoto.com/), we set out to prove that fashion goes beyond the accepted notion that luxury fashion is limited to an editorial subscription. We created everyday looks, which enhance the average wardrobe, and shed light on a more relaxed take on fashion!



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