Wedding Collection by ZEKARYAS SOLOMON LTD

Wedding Collection by ZEKARYAS SOLOMON LTD

Looking back at the Eritrean wedding culture, Zekaryas Solomon designed a collection of modern bridesmaids dresses and traditional waistcoat and trousers for the best men with matching bow ties.
Traditional Eritrean patterns were brought to life using laser cutting and vibrant colours chosen by the bride and the groom. The bridesmaids dresses were made to match the suits of the best men, which created a wonderful sense of unity.
Traditional designs were recreated using modern software and then cut into the fabric using the laser cutting method.


The collection of made to measure bespoke outfits were made using the best quality fabrics and finished to a high standard. Using the measurements for each individual, the toilles were made and fitted, only then was the collection made and once more fitted to ensure a perfect fit for a perfect day.


Zekaryas Solomon is a brand which prides itself on the quality of its clothing which has now been expanded to a range of bespoke wedding collections. Therefore, it is now possible to have your wedding collection made to measure by Zekaryas Solomon!


If you are interested we recommend that you contact Zekaryas Solomon 1 year prior to your wedding day. The services included are as follows:

  • Choice of designs and fabrics
  • 2 fittings by Zekaryas Solomon himself
  • Assistance with organising the wedding

If you are interested, please contact Zekaryas Solomon on:

+44 7525128588


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