Oversized Clutch / Laptop Bag


100% Leather Clutch / Laptop Bag

Customisable Colours


Inside Pocket

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Leather Clutch / Laptop Bag by Zekaryas Solomon

An Oversized Leather Clutch/Laptop Bag engraved with ancient letters and front fastener. Includes inside pocket and fastener.

You can customise the colour of your leather bag : E.g Blue, Black, Brown, White, Tangerine

Additional Information:

Please contact us when you have fallen in love with any of our Zekaryas Solomon garments. We will respond as soon as possible to discuss all of your enquiries. All designs and looks are available as displayed. Please be aware that garments are supplied as one-off’s and we may not have exactly the same colour or fabric available. Please enquire for different colour and fabric qualities and variations as all designs are bespoke. We aim to create personal and unique garments using your own measurements and fabric choices.

If you have a special occasion coming up and wish to receive your garments on a specific date, please give yourself and us enough time to get your garments made perfectly and on time. We are able to send the garments using priority mail, though the purchaser will be liable for any extra charges incurred through priority postage.


The product prices do not include P&P. Please note that shipping charges will be added to the total order cost in accordance to the country of delivery.


Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 45 x 1 x 30 cm


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